How to Make Your Sales Team More Result Oriented and Productive

Posted on 21 October 2018


We know that every team leader is constantly searching for new ways and strategies to make his sales team more result oriented and productive, and today we have the right recommendations for you to achieve this important goal.

Keep reading and follow these single tips to make the most of your team; trust and prepare to see the changes.

At Tasker TimenTask you will find a helpful hand, a friend more than a tool, and will be the perfect ally –for sure- in your Sales Force Automation process.

We know changes are never accepted easily, but with this innovative team collaboration software, you will be able to improve those daily activities that sometimes escape from control.

Can I believe in this tool?

Of course! The greatest thing about it is that you will see the results for yourself. The problems you have today, will be the solutions of tomorrow and later, just a memory from a while ago.

Get to know a bit more with daily examples

Most of the times are really hard to control the check in and out of employees, there is a lot going on every day that makes it normal to lose this control. Well, TimenTask can keep a track of the exact time and location of every employee. We will even give you an alert when one of them do not clock- in or do any suspicious activity.

Also, you will have the control of what they do during the journey by using our Real-Time Activity Report, you will track total visits to customers made each day, and the total time spent at each customer site.

If you want to, you can record meeting hours with customers and time spent at each location and the best part is that we will give you a Daily Sales Report of a team that will help you save historical data to make performance analysis.

Another big issue in sales teams is the time wasted… it’s very hard to avoid this manner but with our Task Assignment you can allocate jobs to teams as per the location and check task status in real-time.

This way you will have an instant notification for the assigned task and real-time status update of the task as soon as they work on it; so, employees can see task routes and will get a reminder for the client follow-ups. This way you can manage a team and assign work from anywhere anytime.

Furthermore, if you have issues with communications in your team, we can make you more effective by going paperless; we encourage you to chat with your team, avoiding communication gap.

We can help you lead reporting and managing

To sum up: we can help you lead reporting and managing, setting up reminders and follow-ups; as we can prevent the loss of time spent on meetings, you will save time because there is no need to go to the office for marking the attendance.

We will help with the improper utilization of time, on managing sales targets so you can forget about carrying sales collaterals, client docs, etc.

And the best part of all is that TimenTask also works in Offline Mode and it automatically synchronizes data when connecting to the Internet! Don´t think about it anymore, make the biggest decision of all and be ready to see the results!

What are the main solutions we can offer?

  • Monitor Sales Teams Real-Time Field Movements
  • Real-Time attendance with location maintains complete transparency, no need to make phone calls for identifying their presence
  • Locate field sales team and get real-time updates of the work, assign task as per the location
  • Get details like frequency of visits to clients and transactional history
  • The sales team can check-in or check-out for a client visit
  • Identify your sales champions and replicate their best methods in the field
  • Optimized sales team routes to deliver maximum customer satisfaction with minimum investment
  • Share real-time updates as the software allow images, videos and, documents to be captured on the go and verified by the sales team
  • Record calls of sales & support team refer calls in case of any misshapen

Get information, get in control and get focused! Visit our website and see all the details.

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