Tracking Efficiency Like Never Before

Posted on 3 May 2016

One of the best new efficiency trackers to evaluate every moment of your business operations is TimenTask. With the help of this brand-new efficiency tracker it’s possible to experience a proven track record of 25% to 30% productivity in your business.

It’s difficult to identify inefficiencies within an office environment until you can visually represent the way that your employees are spending their time. TimenTask is an application that can provide tracking on employees both inside and outside of your offices. With features like real-time tracking location, recording of meetings with managers, recording of on-screen time with a computer and full work tracking across your company, you can see just how your employees spend their time.


You can pull of information on each employee and their location/current task in real time as well as track actual productivity for field of members and on-site employees. Visual representations and graphs provide direct accountability and transparency for every team member. You can export data to Excel sheets, produce performance reports, and keep track of histories and conversations across your company. Not only is this a useful tool for performance monitoring and HR professionals but it provides team members and managers with extra resources to track efficiency like never before.

TimenTask is more than just efficiency tracking as well. The program also includes secure chat and document sharing through platform that makes connections amongst your employees much simpler. The easy-to-use project management software is available as an application on desktop, mobile devices, web and more. The platform is perfect for communicating with people in different time zones, accomplishing work anywhere and seeing real-time reports on cost analysis on projects with profits.

TimenTask makes the process of work easier and includes ongoing updates, bug reporting and solutions to keep your business up and running with tools you can depend on.

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