What is TimenTask & Why should you use it

Posted on 3 May 2016

One of the major issues that the business world faces on a daily basis is that we spend money tirelessly and many times on stuff that’s not exactly needed. That’s why we need a tool to help us in this regard, with TimenTask being the ultimate choice when it comes to tracking our financial efficiency and focusing on results.

What TimenTask does is that it allows us to perform project management and see the expenses of our business in a simple, refined and very easy to understand manner.

The best thing about TimenTask is that it actually manages to track resource utilization in real time, and thanks to that it has a proven increase in productivity of around 25% or even more at times. You can easily monitor the productivity and status reports, record meetings and even access some features that go well beyond traditional project management. These include accessing performance reports, tracking individual accountability, importing excel sheets and even seeing info about the employees that are on-site.

With TimenTask you also get the ability to boost your team’s capabilities. The app does a great job in delivering a dedicated chat app that’s available on the most important mobile and desktop platforms but it even comes with a web version as well. The app also raises the accountability level, since you can easily monitor the activity and even chat, this way each person is responsible for his/her own work.

But maybe the best thing about TimenTask is that it allows you to fully focus on the profit margin and the way you manage your money. Thanks to profit tracking, retaining resources and receiving alerts based on your budget, you will have a great time managing your resources and the results will be amazing each time.

Aside from that, TimenTask also delivers a multitude of additional modules that you can integrate right within the app. It does a stellar job in being flexible and offering complete control over the situation. It even integrates SalesForce features, offers a unique set of ideas to begin with and it’s just a complete solution for all the tools at your disposal. You should definitely enjoy the TimenTask experience thanks to the control that it offers over the entire situation and the attention to detail you can get from it.

And if that is not enough, you can even use TimenTask for tracking all the projects you work on and even see the resources spent on each one. You can see what the employees are working on, their current productivity level and you can even understand why some projects got delayed in the first place.

As you can see, TimenTask offers a stellar control overall all tasks that can be found within your business. It’s very easy to control and monitor your business and projects with its help, not to mention that it really delivers tangible results. Don’t hesitate and get TimenTask right now to boost your business and take it to the next level, you will not be disappointed!

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