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Do you often find your team unsure about the work they are supposed to be doing or not being able to meet a pressing deadline? Here’s the simplest solution - empower your team to take complete ownership for their workload through TimenTask productivity management tools. We provide best productivity management tool to effectively keep track of all activity done within an enterprise.

Productivity Platform

Tasker Software

As soon as a task leaves your desk and makes it way to the employees, it usually appears to disappear into a black hole. With various different people working on different parts of a project (and several projects on the go at once), it can become increasingly difficult to know the status of each task as you require it. It further includes options of a location tracker , chat, call logger and support ticketing to ensure high employee productivity levels leading to greater profits.


DeskCapture Software

Each day, your workers can check in, and the program tracks their time and captures screen according to the configured time. The screen is saved to the local server or DropBox thus preventing the loss of confidential data. This data can be easily classified into folders in accordance with their dates, as well as sorted either data wise or user wise. For your convenience, specific screenshots can also be searched on the local server without having to look through a range of files.

Desk Capture Software

DeskTrack Software

When your annual performance reviews approach, it can be great to hang discussion off a specific set of data. With the help of DeskTrack as an activity logger, you can pull numbers on individual employees and how they compare to the rest of the team and discuss during their review. DeskTrack provides an automated timesheet which helps in measuring employee productivity by logging the applications, activities and tagging the data as per the projects.

Desk Tracking Software

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